About Us

Allmark Linemarking has been in operation since 1992. Our former Managing Director, Bernie Krause, had been in the industry for over 30 years. In that time he had helped to develop the standards and quality in linemarking materials and practices used today. As a member of the Roadmarking Industry Association of Australia, Allmark Linemarking Services continues to strive for even greater quality and safety within the industry. We offer a one stop shop for all your linemarking needs. From conception to application, including in house traffic control, Allmark can do it all.

Our current clientele includes Road Authorities, Local Councils, Civil Contractors, Schools & Private Business’.

We offer our marking services in linemarking paint, long life Cold Applied Plastic (sprayed and trowelled), screed thermoplastic, extruded thermoplastic and profiled edge lines. Of course we also install Raised Reflective Pavement Markers (RRPM’s).

The newest addition to our service is line removal and also surface retexturing via water blasting. No longer is the need to grind or blackout old lines. We can remove lines and take away the waste in one pass without damaging the surface in our purpose built water blasting truck. Capable of blasting at 40,000 p.s.i, there is nothing that we cannot remove.

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