Linemarking Services

Line Marking Services

At Allmark our goal is to have every type of linemarking application covered so if you need more than one type done you don’t have to shop around. Below is a brief description of the types of markings we install and why they might be suitable for your needs.

sprayingCompleted in either waterborne or chlorinated rubber type paints these type of markings are generally suited to factory markings, car parks, temporary linemarking, repainting of existing markings, schools and sports courts.

Thermoplastic markings are generally used for high flow trafficked areas such as intersections, highways and freeways. Thermoplastic markings can be made in a number of ways depending on the type of marking required. Preformed thermoplastic markings are generally used for arrows, bike symbols, speed humps and wording. As the name suggests the symbols or marking is “preformed” by the manufacturer and applied by heating the symbol whilst its lying on the road with a blow torch. The thermo melts into the surface giving excellent adhesion.

Thermoplastic can also be extruded from a purpose built machine to lay long length of line in a pass. Bags of raw thermoplastic are put into a melting kettle and heated up until it becomes liquified. It is then extruded onto the road through the appropriate size “shoe” where it solidifies into a line at the required width and thickness.

Profiled markings are made the same way, however instead of forming a solid line they are extruded onto the road in cigar shaped blobs at a certain distance apart. When a motorist runs over the blobs it makes a noise to alert the driver that they are veering off the road.

Cold Applied
Cold applied markings, as the name suggests, does not require the material to be heated. Rather it is applied to the road cold and the chemicals within the material rapidly cure so that it dries quickly. It is also a long life product suitable for high flow trafficked areas such as intersections. It can be sprayed via a purpose built airless sprayer or trowelled on. It is also commonly used antislip coatings and due to its versatility it comes in a variety of colours therefore it is used for other applications like bus lanes, bike lanes etc.

Raised Reflective Pavement Markers
RRPM’s (commonly called cats eyes) are used in conjunction with linemarking as they aid motorists with wet night visibility. A highly reflective strip on the RPM reflects back the cars headlights to the motorist lighting up the road. The RRPM is generally glued to the road via bituminous adhesive.