Water Blasting Services

Water Blasting Services

In order to remove redundant linemarking the methodology in the past has been either to black out (paint over with black paint) or to grind off the line. Each has their place, however wet, black lines at night tend to stand out and can confuse motorists whilst grinding can damage the surface the lines were on.

Water blasting, when done by our equipment, will remove the line and leave the substrate in tack. It does not stand out at night and can be completed quickly and efficiently, leaving no debris on the road.

How is this achieved? Our cutting head will remove 200mm lines in a single pass via jets that are capable of spraying at 40,000 p.s.i. Where our machine is different is the patented head design which eliminates over aggressive cutting whilst still removing all remnants of the linemarking.

In addition to our line removal process is our retexturing service. Retexturing is the term used for removing excess bitumen from the road which then exposes the original aggregate. This gives the motorist a safer surface to drive on. This result is achieved a purpose built machine which removes the excess bitumen by using high pressure water jets. The excess bitumen and water is automatically vacuumed back into holding tanks and recycled. Our truck is capable of retexturing a 52inch (1200mm) in a single path.

This system can also be used to clean concrete surfaces, removal of rubber from aircraft runways and the cleaning of open graded asphalt wearing course.